Can You Spot the 13 Great Price Action Signals on the Chart? – CADCHF Daily

How good are you at spotting good price action? If you think you are good, why not try to spot the 13 great price action signals on the chart below. The chart of choice this time is CADCHF and it has recently had many great price action signals that the previous month presented us with. Take a look and see if you can spot them.

As a clue, look at engulfing patterns mainly plus previous support and resistance.

cadchf spot the great 13 signals

 Above – CADCHF Daily chart – For Larger view click the image


How did you fair..? Are you signals similar to mine or did you miss some..?

To see the signals I saw on the chart and compare to your own results of the signals that you thought you saw click the Facebook like button above. After doing so, my chart with arrows will appear.

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