Best Free Forex Signal Provider of 2011

best free forex signal provider of 2011The Best Free Provider of Forex Signals of 2011 Goes To..

If you are looking for the absolute best Free Forex signal provider of 2011 then you have come to the right place. That award last year as voted by Forex Reviews Dot Info and a myriad of other top online Forex Review sites goes to none other than Etoro. The reason being is they have out succeeded performance, free signal providing, costs and the social aspect.

Below is my overall rundown of benefits this provider has to offer.

Etoro Forex Benefits

  1. No Rollover Fees Forex Broker – Only a small over weekend fee, which means you can hold onto trades for as long as you desire with little cost..
  2. Low Spread
  3. Regulated in Australia, US, UK and many Countries worldwide.
  4. Free Signals by following the top 100 traders
  5. Free buy or sell signals by copying the top 100 traders
  6. Free to Join
  7. Signals can cost a fortune, instead join Etoro for free and put that saving to use.
  8. Largest Social Trading Forex Network in the World similar to Facebook but focused on trading
  9. Total transparency on all levels, meaning only use the signals from the top traders that have high success. See there P & L live up to date and follow whoever you choose.
  10. Easy Payment and Deposit system..
  11. Free Demo account to show results before trading real money.. Only trade once you are ready..
  12. No pressure trading formula..

    forex free signal provider of 2011

How to Get the Free Forex Signals With Etoro?

To get the free signals all once has to do is

  1. Sign Up for Free
  2. Visit Openbook in your Webtrader account
  3. Copy or Follow your Favorite Traders
  4. Copy them as signals when they do trades
  5. Wait for the profits..

as voted by world finance magazine etoro

The best thing about Etoro is they have changed the whole aspect of Trading, they have made it social ( social trading ), they have made it fun and they have made it less risk. You could go out there and waste a good amount of money on Forex Signals from another provider, you may even pay over 100 dollars a month for the service. Imagine what you could do with that money, instead you could add that money to future trades.. After all Forex is about making money, not paying to make money.

To sign up for Free to a Etoro Demo Account.

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  1. Timon Weller says:

    One of the most recommended traders to follow or copy at the moment in Etoro for free Forex Signals is a guy named Juergenj13 from Germany. He is very low risk and the gain is awesome.

    free forex signals

    To sign up for Etoro now click here.

  2. It is amazing how many people are selling forex signals and then just providing the signals that are 100% free. Etoro is one of the best i have seen around as well, so them winning these awards or votes is on the cards for them..

    I have been with Etoro for a while and i use them and another provider as well. The signals with Etoro are always better they are given based on people who have been trading most of there life and have a track record..

    I only have another broker because i make money out of daily carry fees as well..

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