Are you Behaving Like a Forex Dinosaur?

There are a lot of good traders out there, coming from multiple generations of different types of trading, plunging into Forex now, as it continues to be an exciting and lucrative place to be in if you know what you’re doing . Not only does that mean a spectrum of experience levels in terms of the art and skill of trading itself, but it also mean an additional spectrum of computer literacy and the ability to make use of the latest and best tools for the job.

Unfortunately, not everybody does use this latest and greatest technology, they use phones that aren’t smart, laptops that weigh more than the desk they’re on, slow internet connections or no knowledge of good software.

Many of them are just shooting themselves in the foot if they are not willing to take the plunge and grant themselves some good tech knowledge to boost there own Forex capabilities. This could be you or a former sysadmin or a Bullionvault user so you really need to be on the ball.


Image Source – Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay

A lot of traders including myself benefit from having better access to data and the latest news. This is crucial overall for our success or anyone’s success. Without being fully on top of what is going on overall, it could seriously cost you time and extra money at the same time.

You need to ask yourself, what do you find yourself doing on your commute, or when you’re out of the office for a meeting? Are you simply wasting that time or are you reading everything you can to help jump start your day and allow you to jump in feet first? Twitter, RSS feeds, email newsletters, data feeds, it is all about keeping yourself well informed.

Its with this extra knowledge and latest tools that it’s highly likely that they’re actually out performing  those that do not have it by being more in tune with the latest work conveniences. It is really all about staying informed and being kept up to date with Forex, you’re getting out of it what you’re putting in, and that includes time, knowledge and access to the latest data. Don’t become a dinosaur as the old saying goes, stay at the forefront.

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