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Imagine this, Trade After Trade After Trade Profitable.. Imagining is great, but this can be yours also.. Just takes learning that is all and the right tools of the trade.. Forex Reviews is about all that, helping people to be as profitable in Forex as they can, because every new trader knows how hard it is to learn, but the real truth is, it can be mastered and that is where I come in. Let this blog help you find your way. Because your next trade is important..

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Welcome you to our site, a site dedicated to the amazing world of Forex including quality Forex reviews, quality tips and quality signals that one can use at there own due course.

If you have not heard of me before, my name is Timon Weller, part time writer / blogger and part time professional Price Action Trader. I am also a well known authority in Price Action Coaching as well.

To find out how I trade profitably time and time again then read my blog, I lay out some great tips, however if you really want the best tips then you must subscribe to my email below. I show in detail in videos how i do it, my strategies and my more focused tips.. The best stuff goes to those that subscribe of course.

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Overall Forex in general is such a big topic, so many brokers, so many brokers where the spread makes it impossible to make money and so many good brokers where it makes it easy.

Learn to find what really is the best choice when becoming a trader and when it comes to this investment or any investment for that matter.

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What Do Others Think..

forex going up” Timon is a Master Trader, I will not say more other than he helped me trade less and at the same time make more money. His logic is simple, smooth and precise and focused on limiting risk..”
– Quynh Tran

” Timon is one of the Best Traders I have ever met.. Simply Loving it, Thanks Timon..”
– Andrew Phelps

“Love your videos and thanks a ton for explaining Price action in the most simple way..”– Sanj

“I think u have the best amazing videos on Forex on the internet and i have seen

– Ahmed

“Not really a question, but a thank you for opening my eyes to price action, and also increasing the stop-loss and take-profit margins at a smaller lot. My mistake has been too large lots over a shorter margin.So thanks for all the free tips… “– Anthony Dawkins

“The Trading Point charting is working great, and the ‘significant candle’ approach is completely changing my Forex experience (after too many years!).  Your videos on trading the GBPNZD – identifying the trend channel on the weekly and then simply buying significant candles at the channel S/R is amazingly simple and looking at the backtest, amazingly effective.  “

– Dave

“Thanks for your reply and for the time and effort you put in making all these helpful videos.”

– Elmer Dories

“I like to thank you for your contribution on forex community. I saw all your videos which are very helpful. I have one request to you.
Could you please make a complete tutorial on price action step by step? I mean all aspect of price action..”

– Joy

I’ve been watching most of your videos on YouTube before putting my name in here. But first and foremost I must thank you, for without you I probably would still be trading with multiple indicators which never fails to confuse me when to enter or exit a trade.– Ridwan

“GREAT video on handling losses. I have been successful trading for a few years now but I still struggle with accepting losses. I see it as defeat and since I am highly competitive and hate to lose, my natural tendency is to want to fight the market and average down and wait for the market to reverse, which has worked at times, but other times you get creamed on a large one way move against you.

Anyways, i wanted to say thank you for the video as it really hits home with me. In fact, I downloaded an audio version of it and listen to it on my mp3 player while driving.”

– Anthony

“First of all, thanks for sharing your knowledge through your videos and let new traders learn from your experiences and best practices. Not many people seem to give away good meant advice for free. ..”– Kevin

“Love your videos. I think you have reached a level that I would love to be at. I have been trading for over 5 years and blown 4 accounts. I think I have been miss led by many. Anyway I have been watching your vids and have learnt more this weekend than I have in the past 5 years..”

– Edgar

“First of all I would like to thank you for all the valuable info that you share with everyone. It is very kind of you.”– Gabor

“It is my pleasure to congratulate u for ur outstanding help for forex trader. I saw one video where recommend some books. Could u please tell which book can buy for complete price action trading?”

– Joy

“I must say, Timon, after struggling for years now I have been following your technique for a couple of weeks and I think it may change my life! “– Dave

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