5 day trend training headingLook for Trend, Wait for Pullback, Look for the Trade, Take the Trade.. Learn a simple yet effective way to see the market between major zones building more confidence while learning the ability to hold in one of the most powerful markets in the world.

Requirements – There is no requirements for Trend Trading training, it works with and correlates with all good trading strategies including The Engulfing Trader Series. However what it does do, is give a major edge in understanding how micro and major trends work. This knowledge therefore is extremely valuable for a Trader.

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Training Series Itinerary

Day One Video Training – Introduction to Trends and looking at how the market moves without going to live charts, whether Uptrend or Downtrend or Range. A deeper look into development of trends including new 5 day trend training serieslower lows after an uptrend or new higher highs after a downtrend. And also how to see these changes in a simple manner. ( 21 Minutes )

Bonus Video 1 – Using Line Charts to Help Identify Trends ( 7 Minutes )

Day One Questionnaire – Questions to what you have learned so far.

Day Two – In Day Two Video training we jump on the live charts and look at trends on the 5 minute and 15 minute charts on a micro level. This is important because you will be able to see how trends move and are often respected even on a micro level. The micro level knowledge allows for deeper knowledge of how the market moves between the higher time frames as well on these scales. Lessons learned include, entry, stop placement and possible exits abiding by the trend on a micro scale. ( 52 Minutes )

Day Two Questionnaire – Questions to what you have learned so far.

Day Three – In Day Three Video training we look at Trends in detail and how they develop on the 30 minute time frame and 1 hour time frame. These are what I refer to as still micro levels still, however the inbetween micro and intraday trends. These trends can often give excellent entry when combined with the knowledge of the high time frame trends as well. After this part you should now be familiar with how micro and intraday trends work overall. Lessons learned include, entry, stop placement and possible exits abiding by the trend. Another lesson learned in this part is confidence of how the market moves on a lower scale as well for Day Traders, confidence to hold in certain conditions with that knowledge or confidence to know when to get out as well. ( 30 Minutes )

Day Three Questionnaire – Questions to what you have learned so far.

Day Four – In Day Four Video training we jump onto the the higher time frames and look at major trends on the Daily and Four Hour Time frame. These major trends while act similar to the lower micro trend moves give the trader the edge of knowledge of where the market is going overall in the long term. In this case it is good to align with your current strategy as an edge or with the understanding of what you have learned on a micro trend level as well combining the two knowledge’s to improve profitability and an edge in the market overall. By the end of this day you should be able to see trends by yourself on your own charts and have the confidence to be able to decide on what those moves in the market are saying. ( 43 Minutes )

Day Four Questionnaire – Questions to what you have learned so far.

Day Five – In Day Five Video training we wrap up the series and answer all the important questions from what you have learned in the Series overall. We also go over how to adapt to your current strategy as an edge overall. By the end of this part you should feel more confident of what the charts are saying overall and what you have learned over the 5 Part Five Day Series. ( 21 Minutes )

Bonus Video 2 – Trading Between the Zones – Bonus Video showing how by Identify High Probability zones such as mentioned in Video Day ( Part ) 3 of the Series and also detailed in the series The Engulfing Trader.  By applying those two knowledge’s one can use the edge of Trend analysis to get evidence of these areas holding as major resistance or support, plus give extremely tight entries and stop losses to combine with that overall edge.  Overall, a combination video part to show how that edge can be applied to the real market between the major identified zones from the Daily and Weekly Time frames. ( 16 Minutes )

Day Five – Questionnaire Answer Sheet provided in this Part.

Access Price – An affordable $59.95

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What Others Are Saying About The Training

Got access to this training as well and for all those wondering how effective it is for using in your trading let me give a bit of a rundown. The approach used in this series is highly effective and for Trend analysis I have never come across better. Timon lays it out in a easy to follow manner and also not only that guides you into seeing the Trend in the right way. Many traders such as myself tended to try to pick tops and bottoms all the time and this series helps turn your trading around to a more easy Trend focused manner. Not only that the high probability areas he goes over in the series are priceless and great for either the Daytrader ( such as myself ) or the long term hold trader.

This knowledge and training overall is priceless and I highly recommend this Training to all traders.

– Roy

This training has changed my trading completely for the better, actually it has changed my life. I used to be one of those counter trend type traders. I never looked at trends or even new how to identify areas to trade in trends. This was always one of my weaknesses in trading. It was not until 3 months ago I found the 5 Day Trend Training Series which changed my trading completely. At first, it was a big change for me as I did not fully understand the power of trends in trading, now that has changed as well. I now feel more confident in entering a trade with a more deeper understanding of market trends and a deeper understanding of how price action works as well.

Thanks again for helping me so much in my trading.

– Ben

I have been applying the trading concepts taught in the Trend Training Series to my trading and wanted to let everyone know that I just recently had a over 300 pip week last week using the concepts taught in this series. And to think, with low draw down on the account as well.

Thanks for everything,

– Chris and Jess, U.K.

Wanted to come back and share my thoughts on this latest series: The best series on Trends I have ever watched. Clear, precise and easy to follow logic with plenty of demonstrations.Well worth the money and investment.

– Jesse

I receive many positive testimonies and feedback on the training on a regular basis to my email ( often everyday ) and in numerous comments throughout this website. To check out some more of the comments people are leaving on The 5 Day Trend Training Series Click Here.

Product Disclaimer: Trading in general is risky for many investors and because of this is not suitable for all investors. Also because of this reason your results may vary and just because you have a successful or high probability strategy cannot guarantee your success in trading. All it does is a give a method of trading that if applied right can create great reward. Because of all these reasons, I myself or The 5 Day Trend Training Series product cannot guarantee even with extensive training that you will be successful in this business. Also Timon Weller or The 5 Day Trend Training Series is not responsible for any losses you may occur during your trading and any advise from Timon should be seen as trading advice only.