What Broker Do I Use? ( Video )

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Above Video – A common question that I asked at the website and also the channel is what broker do I use? The answer to that question is ICMarkets.

what broker do i use
Above – An updated image of my Trading Desk behind the scenes here at Forex Reviews.

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  1. Hi Timon.

    I am doing quite well on ICMarkets demo, after switching from Axitrader. I am getting very close to funding my account and trading live with real money. A little bit to go yet but almost there.

    Thanks so much for all the work you do in helping us to learn how to trade the markets.

  2. Hello

    Does ICMarket accept US Resident? Accepting Hedging and opening several opposites orders on same pair?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Hey Timon,
    What would your advice be to European traders trying to find a proper broker? What are some reliable sources and do you have to trade with a broker registered in your country specifically? I’m in a small country within the EU (Portugal).

    Thanks very much in advance.

    • Hey Simao,
      You do not have to trade with a broker in the EU, so ICMarkets is an option that you could check out.
      In my opinion, regulated True ECN STP based brokers are the best option for retail traders as spreads are low and costs are minimal.

  4. Do you use MT4 or another platform? And do you use MT4 for charting or do you use other chartng sofware?
    Thanks for you answer

    • Hey Elie,
      I use both MT4 and Ctrader platforms. Main trading platform I use due to it’s in built management functions is Ctrader. The platform seen in the Weekly Forex Reviews is MT4.

  5. I read your article talking about the Importance of New York Daily Close Forex Charts. Do you get the New York Daily Close Forex Charts with Ctrader and ICMarkets? & can USA Traders use them? Love your Training Series, I just bought your Fibonacci training.

  6. Hey Timon.
    I am indeed enjoying the Engulfing trader package. A must have for every trader.
    But i have a question Timon; Which broker do you advice us to use in nigeria. ICmarkets is not accepting registration from us. txn

  7. Hi, Thank you very much, last 1 year my broker was killing me, from Monday I switched to ICM and I almost doubled my account, tightest spread I’ve ever seen. I have tried 23 brokers and the worst was FXTM (my last broker).

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