The Candlestick Training Series Has Launched

candlestick training series   To find out more on The Candlestick Training Series Click Here. The Candlestick Training Series is available right now at Forex Reviews, a series focused on Candlesticks, reading sentiment with the candles, determining transition points, indecision points and decision points. As well as going over a very important aspect in trading that I […]

The 5 Day Trend Training Series Has Launched

5 day trend training series coming soon   To Find Out More or Get Access Now. The 5 Day Trend Training Series is Available to get access to right now, a series focused on improving a traders edge in understanding and using trends to the best of there ability plus building confidence of how the market moves overall whether long term […]

The Engulfing Trader Training Series Has Launched

engulfing trader package

Well, here it is people, The Engulfing Trader is now available and also a lot earlier than expected. I seriously put my running shoes on with this one and made sure to get it available by Christmas for all of you as I know this can be a distracting time for us all and so […]

How to Prepare for a Trade? Before, During and After

how to prepare for a trade

Preparing is an important part of trading and so in this article I will break down what a trader should do before entering a position, what to do during holding a position and what to do after you close a position. This will help give an insight into maintaining a trade from the beginning to the end […]

How to Make a Trading Plan?

Trading Plan

Making a trading plan for your trading is one of the most important aspects a trader can do when following a strategy, unfortunately that does not mean that everyone has one and in fact a lot studies and polls on this topic have shown that most new traders do not have a plan at all. […]

Should I Hold My Trade Over The Weekend?

hold trade over weekend

Another question that I have received at the website over the years is should I hold my trade or trades over the weekend? This is a great question and topic overall. In this article I will break down my answer to this question. Firstly, the best way of answering this question relates to what sort of […]

The Best Session Times For Trading Candlestick Price Action

session time

When including Candlestick Price Action in your trading, like using the right types of candlestick charts, there are also certain times, which perform better when looking for a potential trade. In this topic I will go over depending on time frame a trader uses, when is the best session time to look for a potential setup […]

How to Manage Negative Rollover or Swap in Trading?

taking partialprofits

One question I have received many times over the years as a trader is how to handle or manage swap rates when holding long term trades? This is a good question and relates to all those traders that want to hold trades more than 3 weeks on some occasions and how they can do this without it […]

3 Ways of Building Confidence in Trading

how to build confidence in trading

Confidence is such an important aspect in trading overall for traders learning the skill of trading. It helps a trader by eliminating and reducing fear when considering a trade in the market, while also allowing us as traders to hold trades longer for more profits and potential reward or to cut losses when needed as well ( relating to […]

What Really Defines a Good Trade in Forex?

trading plan

One of the most common questions I have been asked over the years at the website is what really defines a good trade in this business? The common myth and perception by some traders is that a good trade relates to a trade that makes money, when in reality that is not essentially always true. […]