The Candlestick Training Series Has Launched

candlestick training series   To find out more on The Candlestick Training Series Click Here. The Candlestick Training Series is available right now at Forex Reviews, a series focused on Candlesticks, reading sentiment with the candles, determining transition points, indecision points and decision points. As well as going over a very important aspect in trading that I […]

The 5 Day Trend Training Series Has Launched   To Find Out More or Get Access Now. The 5 Day Trend Training Series is Available to get access to right now, a series focused on improving a traders edge in understanding and using trends to the best of there ability plus building confidence of how the market moves overall whether long term […]

The Engulfing Trader Training Series Has Launched

engulfing trader package

Well, here it is people, The Engulfing Trader is now available and also a lot earlier than expected. I seriously put my running shoes on with this one and made sure to get it available by Christmas for all of you as I know this can be a distracting time for us all and so […]

National Debt in the United States Reaches 20 Trillion

white house

The United States has officially reached 20 trillion dollars in national debt. An amount that the world has never seen before. How will the United States reduce such a large amount of national debt is not exactly clear, however I would assume unless making it a priority to reduce in the near future, higher taxes […]

How Many Markets Should a New Trader Focus On?

Yeah good question, when new to trading it is easy to be overwhelmed with how many markets are available. What I suggest to new traders is to only focus on a few markets ( 2 to 3 markets ) and then over time consider looking at more. In the video below I go over my […]

What is the Best Type of Forex Broker?

There are many brokers available, however what broker is the best type? This is an important question as it affects traders. There are two main types of Forex Brokers available to traders, dealing desk or non dealing desk brokers. Both of which are completely different to each other. In this video below I go over […]

How to Improve Probability of Hitting Your Long Term Target

In this video today I go over how to improve probability of hitting your long term term target on a position. I take a look at a recent buy trade I closed on EURUSD this week as an example of this tip. Trade Details: The trade was a EURUSD buy trade taken from the 1.1125 […]

When Should a Trader Withdraw Profits?

when should a trader withdraw profits

Yeah, good question, this is a question that I got asked recently at the website ( via email ) and thought I would take a moment to answer in a video as well as on this topic page. First of all, I will note that the answer to this question is based on my personal […]

What is the Difference Between Demo and Live Trading?

One question I got asked recently at the website is what is the difference between demo and live trading? Part of the reason I was asked this is because their trading is going well on demo and that they are concerned that when they transition to live trading this will change.. Below is my response to this question.. In relation […]

What is Leverage in Forex Trading?

leverage risk

Another common question I get asked at the website is about leverage, what it is, how much is a suitable amount for a trading account and if it is something a trader should worry about. These are good questions and so let me answer them in that order. What is Leverage? Leverage is an amount […]